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About--Frog-Pond---PanoFrog LotusYoga is a beautiful studio, located in the Beaver Mill, which is an old cotton mill, overlooking Natural Bridge State Park. The Mill is on Beaver St, which is Route 8, at the north end of North Adams. It has been converted into Art Studios by the owner and presently houses about 20 different Artists’ Studios, The Contemporary Artists’ Center and The Dark Ride.

The Studio opened July 2002. It is very spacious and peaceful with plenty of natural light. The interior is visually stunning, featuring an expansive oak floor, high ceilings and lots of windows overlooking a tree-covered hill-side. The main studio features a beautiful mural painted by local artist and sculptor Maria Siskind. The colorful reception area, inspired by many visits to India, has two inviting hang-out areas with couches, books and magazines. Chai, tea, drinks and snacks are available. There is also a yoga boutique selling Yoga clothes, Yoga mats and equipment. There is a very warm and spacious session room where different Healing Arts are offered.
The studio also doubles as a gallery for a beautiful collection of statues of Indian Gods and hand-painted Tibetan thankas (large exquisite wall-hangings) which are for sale.

We are offering many different styles of Yoga and Pilates. The studio provides a warm and friendly environment where people interested in yoga and the healing arts can meet, network and enjoy spending time together.

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People Make the Place!

For over a decade, Frog Lotus Yoga has been a home to a great community of yogis and yoginis. There is something that attracts our patrons to the warm office filled with welcoming smiles and engaging conversation; to the multicolored walls and the hand-layed wood boards upon which they place their yoga mats. People have told us of the love for not just picturesque Berkshire scene they behold as they come to daily classes throughout the seasons, but for the classes themselves. If we could share to what we believe is at the center of all this success, it would be our staff.

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