Styles of Yoga

The foundation of Frog Lotus Yoga practice is that of a strong Hatha Yoga Interdisciplinary as handed down by T. Krishnamacharya. The practice branches from there with influences of Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), and Kripalu Yoga. There are also various forms of meditation taught and practiced at the studio. Not to mention that most of the staff is trained in hands-on assisting and/or Thai Yoga Massage to enhance each students’ experience. Every teacher adds their own personality, experience, and wisdom to the classes offered at the studio and abroad.

The different styles of yoga taught in our classes include:

Community Yoga:

Come enjoy our beautiful studio space and connect with the kula or local community through yoga! This is an open doors class welcome to all levels and fitness abilities. Class style will vary in response to the group. This is a fun upbeat class for every body, every level, and every wallet! Suggested $5 donation.

Gentle Yoga:

A perfect class for beginners, regular practitioners, or those looking for a more relaxed approach to yoga. The body is given adequate time to restore in between basic, modified or restorative poses. All levels.

Hatha Yoga:

An accessible yoga practice designed to tone and stretch the whole body. Poses are held as attention is brought to quality of both breath and body alignment. Suitable for beginners or the experienced practitioner who is looking for a slower pace. All levels.

Restorative Community Yoga:

Unwind your week and renew energy for the weekend! Props are used to support relaxation of the body and ease of the mind. Gentle poses are held for long periods of time to increase muscle release. All levels. Suggested $5 donation.

Slow Flow Yoga:

Explore variations of Sun Salutations and learn to unite movement with breath, while strengthening core muscle integration and improving your practice. Some yoga experience encouraged. All levels.

Tapas Flow Yoga:

Tapas (“firery discipline”) is a guided and hands-on assisted class that works through a warm -up, 15-minute repetitive standing flows, in addition to a relaxing cool-down. In the 15 minutes you can move at your own pace, giving time to deepen the body- mind connection, clear out old patterns that do not serve you, and celebrate your practice each week as it evolves.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

A challenging and dynamic class with intentionally constructed flow sequences that will strengthen any yoga practice. Emphasis is given to standing and inverted poses. A reasonable fitness level is required.

Workshops and Trainings:

Explore our website or call the studio for additional offerings.

If it’s your first time coming to a yoga class you will probably be more comfortable coming to try a Gentle Yoga or Hatha Yoga class at first unless you have a regular yoga practice already, but you are definitely welcome to try anything.

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