Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials from Frog Lotus Yoga Course Graduates

At Frog Lotus Yoga, we offer 200 hour and advanced yoga teacher trainings at our home studio in Western MA, as well as around the world including Costa Rica, Bali, Guatamala and India. Watch our video to hear what our graduates have to say!

  • Dana Mountain-Zona, Arlington, MA.,

    I came to Frog Lotus Yoga for the 200 hr teacher training program to gain my certification to teach yoga, with the hopes of a side benefit that would include more physical strength and balance. What I left with was much more than just my certification to teach yoga, but a deeper level of emotional, spiritual, physical strength and balance than I would have imagined. I not only found a mentor in the Director at Frog Lotus Yoga, Vidya Vidya Heisel, but the offer of a deeper, more meaningful way of living. Rather than a large, anonymous program, Frog Lotus Yoga is an intimate, personalized environment, where the entire staff is dedicated to one common goal, that of offering an understanding of all that yoga encompasses; including philosophy, art, science and discipline, along with the encouragement to explore and participate fully; mind, body and spirit. I am incredibly grateful that I found Frog Lotus Yoga. I now feel more qualified to teach yoga as a way of life, in addition to the practice of asanas, than I may have been had I chosen an alternative place to study. Thank you for your insight, dedication and commitment to yourself and to other's Vidya!

  • Julie Weiss, Massapequa, New York,

    The Yoga teacher Training at Frog Lotus provided me with a sturdy foundation of knowledge on all aspects of yoga. One of the greatest benefits was allowing us to choose which classes to take, so we could tailor the program to fit our yogic interests. The studio itself is a real gem and the instructors are wonderful. The program has well prepared me for an intended career in yoga and provided me with the confidence to do so. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and deepen their well-being. The lessons I've learned, the friends I've made and the memories that were created are all part of a total experience I will never forget.

  • Lisia Ross,

    Choosing from the many Teacher Training programs out there was no easy task. Frog Lotus definitely turned out to be the right decision. The program is a guided process that prepares you well to confidently create and instruct your own classes. More than just an education, this was a life affirming experience. It increases your thirst for continuing education and a lifetime of learning the ancient tradition of yoga. Vidya Heisel is generous in sharing her vast knowledge and experience.

  • Tatyana Mamut, Berkeley, California,

    The training gave me far more than I ever imagined-not only did I learn how to deepen my practice and share it with others, but I also grew an enormous amount intellectually, spiritually and emotionally over the four weeks. I will always appreciate the experience at Frog Lotus Yoga and know that it has contributed to my path of self-discovery.

  • Amanda Horton, Austin, Texas,

    This time here has enriched my life, strengthened my practice and deepened my heart. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Yolande Hart, Melbourne, Australia,

    Vidya is a mature woman with a deep dedication to her practice and this is exemplified in every area of her life and training. Her practice is strong and at the same time she has a wonderful softness that teaches the middle path. She knows her yoga and brings creativity variety spontaneity and commitment to the training.  She is intelligent, grounded, humble and has great depth and wisdom which she generously imparts. Transformation is inevitable if you’re open to learning. I learned on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Vidya creates a warm, inspiring and knowledgable training where friendship and alumni is encouraged amongst the trainees, which shows her presence, strength compassion and personal dedication to living the eight limb path. Vidya’s knowledge of Iyengar Yoga gives her great awareness about alignment that is detailed throughout her flow training and personal practice which I loved, as it protects the physical body from injury. Vidya comes highly recommended by me for all of the above reasons, plus she is warm personable and professional. The most important things I got out of the course were a deeper knowledge, intense training and a much improved practice. Most importantly I feel well equipped to start as a yoga teacher.

  • Hayley Menzies, London, UK,

    I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to do my yoga teacher training with Vidya from Frog Lotus Yoga. I can't imagine there is anyone else with as much knowledge, passion and dedication than Vidya who shared her experience and expertise with us with such grace and in such detail. The Yoga practice was incredibly inspirational and refreshing and each day she pulled something new out of the bag to challenge us. In short, the Frog Lotus Yoga teacher training retreats are nothing short of excellent and I will definitely do my 500 hour with Vidya... Can't wait and miss the practice immensely!

  • Joanne Batten, London, UK,

    An incredible experience, the Frog Lotus Yoga Thailand Teacher Training at Absolute Sanctuary went above and beyond all my expectations for a yoga teacher training course. Inspiration from inspirational teachers. The course is so well organized and balanced, with a lot of material to get through and a plenty of new information to take in, it could’ve been over-whelming, but both Vidya and Jennie-Lee were amazingly re-assuring voices of reason throughout and always inspired confidence in us all. What have I gained from it? Far more than a Yoga Instructor Certificate... A more holistic and far advanced personal practice, a refined and uplifted meditation practice, far enhanced yoga philosophy and anatomy knowledge and importantly, confidence in myself as a teacher, brimming with enthusiasm to spread the Yoga love!

  • Raquelle Gracie, London England,

    I thoroughly loved every moment of my course with Vidya. The whole experience was wonderful, from the food to the cosy atmosphere and the unforgettable, inspirational practices taught by Vidya and Paula. Not only did I feel empowered through the new found strength of my physical practice, but through learning the philosophy of yoga and the anatomy of the human body as well. I have come out of the course feeling more knowledgeable, strong in my practice, hungry to learn more and confident to teach vinyassa flow yoga. The teachers and assistants were welcoming, motivating and well prepared. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves yoga, is interested in the philosophy of it and incorporating it into their every day life. For many of us it was a spiritual awakening to a lifelong practice of a common love we all share, yoga.

  • Betsy Barry, Franklin, Massachusetts,

    Thank you for taking us on an amazing journey. I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown in one month!

  • Jema Abbate, Albany, New York.,

    The teachers Training Program challenged my physical skill and mental stamina, rewarding me with a rock solid base of knowledge to draw on in my teaching.

  • Ava Roy, Lenox MA,

    I am so glad I chose to do my Yoga Teacher Training at Frog Lotus Yoga. I really appreciated the small group because it allowed for intimate connection and personal attention. The training was very thorough and clear in its organization and execution. The studio space itself is very beautiful and a comfortable place to be, which is essential when spending so many hours a day in one place! There were a variety of classes and teachers to choose from, thus I was able to really deepen my practice through exposure to various styles. I feel prepared to begin teaching and hope I can artfully implement all that I learned. Thanks!

  • Brenda Holland, Butte, Montana.,

    I want to thank you for an incredible teachers training. I learned so much and really appreciated all of your giving and sharing. The training was much more than I ever imagined. I still wake up some mornings missing the studio and all the classes I took there.

  • Hunter Clarke-Fields, Ardencroft, DE.,

    Teacher training at Frog Lotus was all I expected it to be and more. Physically, my body became strong and agile, knowing the poses more completely. Anatomy training bettered my understanding of the body and the benefits of yoga. Mentally, I can see the whole of yoga now, the traditions, the goals, those who have shaped it, even the Sanskrit!! It was an intense and wonderful experience, with friendships that I can never forget. I am more myself than I was before. Thank you, Jaqueline. You are a remarkable teacher and mentor.

  • Marieluise Maiwald, Basel, Switzerland,

    Thank you Vidya for a wonderful training and an extensive coverage of about 100 poses. I really enjoyed teaching and assisting my 'students', and it was worthwhile the trip over from Switzerland.

  • Rebecca Stern , Slingerlands, New York,

    I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity and education you afforded me during my time in Portugal on the teacher training program. Upon arriving home, it became even more clear to me how much I learned on the retreat. Not only did I fall in love with yoga and the yogic lifestyle, but I had a real spirit-mind-body growth experience, and I attribute all that I have gained from it to both of you(Vidya and Jennifer). I now look on each day and everything I do in a new and improved light, and I look forward to passing on this knowledge to as many others as I can. It's amazing how much this program has changed my life. Thank you so much again, I cannot express how much you have given me.

  • Georgina Kelly , Dublin, Ireland,

    Thanks Yoga Diva for passing on the Story of Life. It truly was inspiring and I have learned so much!

  • Gil Elhart , Boulder, CO.,

    The amount of knowledge that I have obtained is life-changing. Plus you have helped bring my practice to a new level. Thanks it was great!

  • Jessica Begin , Montreal, Canada,

    Thank you so much Vidya! I have learned SO MUCH and I really appreciate the depth of your knowledge and experience, as well as your sit-bone kicking classes!!

  • MaryBeth Conway , New York,

    This has been an incredible experience. I have enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. You are a truly inspiring person!

  • Lydia Hellums , Grand Junction CO.,

    During the Teacher Training you get right down to it; the way I think the great yogi's of the past would have expected. It's mentally stimulating and physically demanding in a way that makes me feel stronger on all levels. I pushed my body, mind and heart and I feel lighter, happier, freer because of my experience at Frog Lotus. As with anything you do, you get what you put in to it. Vidya provides a beautiful space and years of experience that allow for amazing personal transformation if you let it...go for it, you'll be glad you did.

  • Mandy Pelly , Australia,

    I wanted to thank you immensely as I have completely changed my lifestyle. I have remained a vegetarian and whilst I did not give it a lot of thought at the course, now I could no more eat meat then I could somebody's shoe! ( I have also converted a close friend). I started teaching the Karate guys some Yoga and they have found new movement in their bodies and technique. The word has got around town and now I am teaching 3 lessons a week and the studio is packed. I am really enjoying teaching and I just love the benefits that everyone receives in a very short time from doing Yoga.Thank you for being a very inspirational teacher. Because of you and the course I am now leading a new much more peaceful, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

  • Vicky Pitchers , Glasgow, Scotland. U.K.,

    I loved my time at Acebo in Spain, the venue was beautiful, if a little rustic, but that only helped cement friendships with my fellow students. I underestimated the amount of work involved (even though it did say intensive!) but that only served me well as I left feeling so much more equipped than I had originally anticipated. The course layout builds well and eases you into each new step. The content is comprehensive and since finishing the course, I can't believe how much I have taken in. You will be inspired to open your heart and mind and try new ways of thinking that can only benefit you and those around you. I arrived for a physical practice and left having gained a far greater understanding of the not only the Asanas but a more open mind and a desire to explore spirituality in greater depth. Vidya has such a wealth of knowledge as well as an inspiring practice and dedication the yoga that you can't help but be inspired to follow. I really miss the morning meditation and daily practice but have continued to practice each morning equipped with a depth of knowledge I never had 2 months ago. Namaste!

  • Zsusanna Kiraly, New York, New York,

    Thank you for an amazing training and all your teachings. I have not missed a day of practicing ever since; your energetic vinyasa flow is part of my daily routine now - thank you for this gift. I also wanted to tell you how strong these 3 weeks made me; the effect is manifesting in my newly found bakasana, parsva bakasana, and salamba sirsasana (would not miss an opportunity to keep practicing the Sanskrit). It's beautiful and humbling!

  • Laura Henderson, Indianapolis, IN,

    Thank you once again for the teacher training. I learned a lot about teaching, anatomy and my own practice, not to mention yoga philosophy, history, etc. I would love to have the opportunity to attend further training and workshops with you and October in the future. I miss your Hatha 3 classes SOO much, and I would love to be there to join you in your early morning sun salutations and practice. I learned so much from the intensive focus on backbending or inversions or balances - whatever the focus of the day was. I haven't experienced another class or teacher before or since who offered such a challenging, deep and focused practice. I miss it! I have already started teaching as a sub in two studios within walking distance from my house in Indianapolis, and will have my own classes on the schedule at three starting in January. In addition, my husband and I have dedicated our living room to the function of yoga room, and I have been holding 4-5 classes a week at home for friends and friends of friends. So, I'm attempting to make full time work of teaching...

  • Daniel Prince, Chattanooga, TN,

    I can't thank you enough. My experience here has been everything I expected and more. You have given me all the tools I need to be an effective teacher. Mission successful! With the number of higher level poses you have exposed me to and the knowledge of sequencing you have given me, I shouldn't have a reason to not feel challenged for a long time to come. Thank you for everything. Love and light streaming eternally from you and to you!

  • Ashley Griswald, East Quoge, NY,

    Thank you for such a thorough training. I am grateful to have found you and this Training. Since I have been back and taking classes at the local studios, I see how truly amazing the training was. You are a great director.

  • Leigh Strimbeck, Chatham, New York.,

    I particularly appreciate the beauty of the space you've created, your flexibility and openness to accommodating different students, the tuition which is affordable, the grounding of the teaching in asana but time to think about and discuss the other 7 limbs, and the readings from your teacher-so insistently optimistic that enlightenment is possible. Your evenness and grace as a teacher embody yogic principles. Keep sharing the light!

  • Caroline McMahon, New York, NY.,

    I am so glad I chose Frog Lotus for my training. I have learned and grown so much! Thank you for all of your knowledge. What a gift!

  • Tristina Quattlebum, Sacramento, California,

    The words "thank you" seem inadequate to express my gratitude! Between training with you and now assisting you, I have had some of the most amazing experiences in my life. Thank you for holding the space and affording the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways. You are a bright light in this world! The way that you share touches and transforms so many people. I feel blessed that our paths have intertwined in this life and truly hope to continue to learn from and support you in what you do.

  • Emily B.,

    Overall, this has been one of the most life-changing, inspiring, and introspective things I've ever done. I took a huge risk coming here, not knowing the studio/philosophy/teacher, and I so thrilled to say that Frog Lotus Yoga and Jennifer were 100% the right choice for me. Thank you! A+ for course content. The assisting was a great addition; the poses were covered very thoroughly and I loved the anatomy. When people within the yoga community ask me where and with whom I trained, I will be so excited to say "Frog Lotus with Jennifer Yarro!

  • Natasha R.,

    The training was great. Jennifer clearly put her heart and soul into the work and was completely supportive throughout our process. I feel empowered and well on my way to teaching. I would recommend this program to others without a doubt.

  • Janet F.,

    I feel like I made an excellent choice for my teacher training. The teaching of the poses was excellent - Jennifer has a special gift for teaching. She is very attentive and accommodating, yet she remains objective. I learned so many techniques and secrets to help help me better my practice. There are so many different trainings being offered all over the world, and this training was the best one for me. There is so much emphasis on correct alignment and safety. Thank you Jennifer and Frog Lotus Yoga!

  • Rachel W.,

    This training was one of the best, if not the best, experience of my life. I feel that I have more than enough knowledge and skills to succeed. Everyone should go to Frog Lotus Yoga teacher training! I am truly privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Jennifer. Her loving patience and perseverance pulls us all together. She really holds the space for our sacred circle and touches people on a level that not many can. I am so grateful. The classes at the studio welcome anyone and everyone. The atmosphere is peaceful and inviting. I know I am a better, happier person because of this amazing experience.

  • Lesha B.,

    This training allows the space for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to develop and emerge. If someone wants a life-changing experience, this is the place. Jennifer is very knowledgeable. She is supportive and nurturing, yet was able to hold us accountable. I respect Jennifer as a teacher and as an aware human being. All the teachers were really supportive of the trainees' endeavors here. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Alicia B.,

    I feel like I'm leaving with a whole new physical body and body of knowledge from a month ago. The training was such a great experience and it's one that I know will shape me for many years to come. I loved Jennifer's teaching style; the language, the creative flows, all the information both subtle and direct that was contained in her teaching. I have a great deal of respect for the breadth and depth of her knowledge, as well as a deep appreciation for how she held the energy of the room. She was always present and very consistent. I enjoyed all the classes that I attended, observed, and assisted at the studio. I like that all the teachers have their own style and are allowed to be themselves. All the classes are different, but of high quality, and I think that's wonderful. The cooking staff was so fantastic. They were super conscientious about food sensitivities and creating new dishes so we would have variety. It meant a lot to me that the food was vegetarian, fresh, and used as many organic and local ingredients as possible.

  • Steve A.,

    Jennifer is one of the finest, most energizing and knowledgeable instructors I have ever had. She is inspiring and dedicated and I look forward to continuing my education with her. The food and cooking staff were miles ahead of any expectations I had and they deserve high praise and gratitude from all the trainees.

  • Thank you!,

    The training was fabulous! I loved the schedule, all the anatomy, the hands-on assisting, the group activities, the progression of the four weeks . . . what a wonderful place and group! I feel totally prepared to teach and so grateful for this little bubble of peaceful, powerful yogis. We were in such good hands these four weeks. I trust Jennifer completely and have learned so much. Jennifer is a Goddess; she really held the space for us. Morning practice was consistently awesome. Having the new voices of adjunct teachers was really refreshing and balancing. They were incredible - so compassionate and genuine and open. I feel more equipped to live a healthy, abundant life after just four weeks here. I can't wait to start teaching.

  • Tessa J.,

    The training was so amazing. There was so much love and intention that went into it all. It exceeded any expectations and such a nice atmosphere was created here. Jennifer is a great teacher with the right attitude, right amount of compassion and presence, and a disciplined focus. So much valuable wisdom and knowledge was passed down, thank you! The staff at the studio is great. Everyone is friendly and warm. The food was tasty, nourishing, beautiful, thoughtfully prepared, fresh, balanced, and absolutely delicious. The cooks are sweet and accommodating. So awesome!

  • Patricia M.,

    The teacher training at Frog Lotus not only changed my practice but also rooted me in a confident, competent place to share the gift with others. There are many teacher trainings available, but none with the well-roundedness or heart and soul of the Frog Lotus experience. So much expertise was bestowed on me for the money.

  • Rina D'Angelo,

    The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the greatest teacher inspires. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher!

  • Christi Helsel, New York, New York,

    I want to just send my most heartfelt gratitude for the teacher training—it was such a beautiful, life changing experience The quality of training was exceptional—you and your teaching staff were fabulous and all so complementary in your styles and expertise. I don't know when else in my adult life I'll be able to spend three weeks focused on just one intention. Having your schedules planned out and your meals prepared truly does allow you to just sink into learning and experiencing the yogic teachings & lifestyle in a way that I would have never experienced staying in NYC, commuting back and forth to a local studio each day. Getting away from yourself to find yourself is probably the best way I could describe this immersion! I delighted in learning the history, philosophy, spirituality, anatomy, sanskrit, and asana practice—our thoughtful discussions on each topic and our hands on practice of the sequencing and asana training made the training really "stick." I left feeling prepared to share this with others immediately coming out of the three weeks! Vidya attracted an incredible community of students -- I am so fortunate to have trained with these yoginis and look forward to continuing our friendships for a very long time. I would highly recommend this training to anyone considering their 200 hour certification

  • Anjalika Bose, Eindhoven, Holland,

    I'm not sure what forces brought me here, but words fail to describe the beautiful experience you've put me through. When I signed up for this course I did not realize that I had signed up for this magical journey. You are a passionate, dedicated and inspiring lady, and you have deeply motivated me to firmly ground my practice in a holistic way. You radiate such warmth and positive energy; you are soft and assertive at the same time; I'm blessed to have had you as my first Guru. Thank you for everything.

  • Sati Chmelar, Florida.,

    Thank you for provoking so many excellent philosophical discussions during this course. Learning the how is one thing but learning the why is quite another-much more elusive and deserves the attention you gave it.

  • Jem Mix, Boston, MA.,

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for providing this excellent learning environment. The course exceeded my expectations. I appreciate your organization, clarity, commitment and broad knowledge and experience. Keep up the good work!

  • Betsy Barry, Franklin, MA.,

    The Yoga Teachers training was an amazing experience! To be immersed in yoga 24/7 with 21 other like-minded individuals was wonderful. Both Vidya presented us with an incredible amount of information. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering teaching or deepening their own practice.

  • Dolly Stavros, LMT, RYT,

    I just returned home from the January 200-hour yoga teacher's training course at Frog Lotus Yoga, and am amazed at how profoundly my life has been affected. Not only has my own practice been deepened immeasurably, but the friendships that I made over the course of the month will affect my life every day. Vidya is a gracious and competent woman, and her passion for yoga infuses her teaching style with verve and authenticity. The studio itself is an incredibly beautiful place to spend an entire month diving into yoga's possibilities, and all of her other teachers are wonderful as well. I highly recommend Frog Lotus Yoga to anyone looking to receive their 200-hour certification!

  • Kristen Keuter, Binghamton, NY.,

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful influence on me. I can't thank you enough for supporting this life changing experience for me. Initially it was all about learning to teach yoga but I realized it is so much more. The awareness, clarity and intention to always move forward in life is a gift. The combination of the incredibly diverse and dynamic group that I was privileged to practice with as well as a wonderful dedicated teacher made for a phenomenal experience at Frog Lotus Yoga. I can't stop thinking about it, feeling, practicing yoga and smiling. Thank you! shanti, shanti, shanti, namaste,

  • Sujata Sidhu, Ithaca, New York.,

    Vidya is a powerful, skilled and fun instructor and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study with her. It still surprises me how much I have learned and grown from the one month teacher training program. The experience has been transformative. Thank you very much Frog Lotus Yoga.

  • Dana Robert , Chicago, IL.,

    For anyone who is even considering going to Frog Lotus Yoga, I would definitely recommend the teacher training program. If you keep an open mind and heart you won't believe how greatly it will effect your life. Vidya took a big city girl, whose life was full of chaos, and turned her into a true yogini. It wasn't by a pushy attititude, it was by kindness and true guidance. She gives you the tools and knowledge to better yourself both physically and emotionally. It is then up to you to absorb all the goodness that is around you. Thanks Vidya, you and your staff will forever be in my heart.

  • Dana Mountain-Zona , Arlington, MA.,

    I came to Frog Lotus Yoga for the 200 hr teacher training program to gain my certification to teach yoga, with the hopes of a side benefit that would include more physical strength and balance. What I left with was much more than just my certification to teach yoga, but a deeper level of emotional, spiritual, physical strength and balance than I would have imagined. I not only found a mentor in the Director at Frog Lotus Yoga, Vidya Vidya Heisel, but the offer of a deeper, more meaningful way of living. Rather than a large, anonymous program, Frog Lotus Yoga is an intimate, personalized environment, where the entire staff is dedicated to one common goal, that of offering an understanding of all that yoga encompasses; including philosophy, art, science and discipline, along with the encouragement to explore and participate fully; mind, body and spirit. I am incredibly grateful that I found Frog Lotus Yoga. I now feel more qualified to teach yoga as a way of life, in addition to the practice of asanas, than I may have been had I chosen an alternative place to study. Thank you for your insight, dedication and commitment to yourself and to other's Vidya!

  • Petra Ponnet, Edinburgh, Scotland,

    I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Far more than just a teacher training, my stay at lovely Monte Mariposa has been a truly lifechanging experience. If you want to take your passion for yoga one step further by training as a teacher but don't know which course to take, make it this one - you won't regret it! If you just want to deepen your own understanding of yoga, or you are unsure if teaching is for you, come anyway! By the end of your time with Vidya, you will not only hold a certificate; you will have discovered a potential inside yourself you never knew you had. Thank you so much Vidya and all at Monte Mariposa.

  • Carl Faure, YogaWest, London, England,

    I had the time of my life and miss it everyday! All you need is enthusiasm and a commitment to learn and with her wealth of experience, knowledge and patience, Vidya will forge you into a yoga teacher in no time at all! Vidya provides a great space for learning and transformation to occur; she is compassionate, always approachable, and crucially present. The course material is through and if you don't already, you will seriously know your stuff by the end of it. By the time you realize you have all the confidence and tools you need to teach yoga, you'll be smiling inside and out! I am now a very grateful yoga teacher!

  • Lucy Jones, London, England,

    Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher Training is an incredible opportunity for all levels of your being. Its emphasis on Patanjalis Yoga Sutras and the eight limb path of yoga means that, whilst asana is obviously an integral aspect of the course, it also extends far beyond it. The physically, intellectually and spiritually challenging nature of the course ensures that certification is but the cherry on the cake of what is a truly transformational experience. One that is guaranteed to dramatically deepen your own yoga practice and further infuse you with a powerful desire to continue with the journey of exploration that constitutes the yogic path. And all within the context of delightful surroundings at a fabulous retreat centre in the hills of Portugal.

  • Biffy Neilson, Berkshire, UK,

    All I can say a month post-course is: I wish I could be back there studying, bending and bonding! Monte Mariposa is a completely enchanting location, the accommodation rustically chic, the staff charmingly friendly and the food to die for. The course material is well-balanced, very well organized and exceedingly knowledgeably delivered. There is a very workable balance between discussion based learning, didactic teaching and self study. I left feeling equipped, confident and brimming with enthusiasm to embark on a new course in life as a yoga teacher. Vidya has a lovely warm personality and a twinkle in her eye which transforms the study and practice into medicine for the soul. A million thanks!

  • Michael Olivotto,

    I love you guys, my mind is still in turmoil after that beautiful experience that we all shared called teacher training. I came to improve my practice, and I left an ever changing, growing new soul. Thank you for helping me wake up and see the beauty of the world that surrounds us.