Jennilee Toner

Jennilee Toner
Founder of Hot Warrior Yoga, Author of The Perfect Chaturanga, RYT 500
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Founder of Hot Warrior Yoga, author of ‘The Perfect Chaturanga’, FLY International anatomy teacher

I, Jennilee Toner, LOVE practicing and teaching yoga. After years as a super tough Deputy Sheriff, Army Medic, Military Policewoman and Drill Sargent candidate, I found myself in 1996 practicing yoga and crying in tree pose. Those first few years I found myself in attics, basements, living rooms, garages, parks, etc. In 2000 I began to practice Bikram Yoga six days a week, both in Key West and in Massachusetts. In 2002 I added Baron Baptiste Power Yoga to the mix. In 2003 I decided I wanted to teach this wonderful form of body, mind and soul connection!

In 2008, as I completed my advanced degrees in both mythological studies and transpersonal psychology, I spent time studying Sampoorna Yoga (Sivananda lineage) with Yogi Hari at his ashram in Florida. This living master opened my mind and heart to Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Nada and Raja Yoga. I have been forever changed.

In 2009 I began teaching the anatomy portion of the Frog Lotus International Teacher Training Program. Joining Vidya Jacqueline Heisel and Jennifer Yarro in training some of the best new yoga teachers this world has and will see has such a peak experience in my yoga teaching career. These two strong, beautiful and wise yoginis are AMAZING! I have learned so much from them both. I am deeply grateful to be a part of their dream!

In 2011 I created Hot Warrior Yoga, a 50-plus posture sequence practiced in 90-95degrees. Hot Warrior Yoga is the BEST of both HOT HATHA and HOT VINYASA! My team and I are about to begin our seventh 200hr Hot Warrior Yoga Teacher Training and are super excited to present, in the near future, Hot Warrior Yoga as a 27 & 54-hour advanced certification program for both yoga teachers and fitness professionals.

In 2011, I started teaching The Perfect Chaturanga workshops. These workshops were a call to action! Inspired by my students and their heartbreaking tales of injuries and frustrations resulting from practicing Vinyasa Yoga, I began to teach how to safely and intelligently practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I recently completed The Perfect Chaturanga book with the help of my talented friend, Suzanne Martin. I am so proud of this gem of an anatomy and injury prevention book!

It tickles me so to realize that I am still madly in love with practicing and teaching yoga. The journey within is an ever so important one. The science and practice of yoga helps us to know ourselves, each other and the planet. Yoga quiets the dis-ease of the mind and the body – leaving us happy, peaceful and free. I am a firm believer that the world is a better place each time we practice our yoga!