Joshua Jayintoh

Joshua Jayintoh
200-Hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Frog Lotus Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage Wat Po, Thai Yoga Massage Triple Gem School of Thai Massage
Josh received his 200hr Vinyasa Yoga certification in 2012 from Frog Lotus Yoga. He is Certified in Thai Massage from the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage and Wat Po Traditional School of Medicine & Massage. When not reading sutras, cooking, or being a social butterfly, he likes to share meditation with anyone who is open.
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My route to spiritual practice initially came via my parents as a child, and I have pursued esotericism since then. Blessed by good fortune, I met Tulku Thupten Kalsang Rahob Rinpoche in 2003 and formally embarked on the investigation of meditation and Buddhism with him. With his blessing, I went to Thailand and ordained as a bhikkhu at the renown temple in Thailand, Wat Phra Dhammakaya. There, I gratefully studied meditation and BuddhaDharma under PhraThepyanmahamuni and PhraRatchabhavanajahn. As that was underway, I began to practice āsana postures to prepare for and deepen the long hours of meditation practice. I found that the āsanas really helped me feel physically better, not just on the mat but throughout my daily monk-life.

In 2010, I gave up my training as a monk and returned to the USA. After traveling in search of a local yoga studio around the Berkshires, I discovered Frog Lotus Yoga. I found the studio stunning and the community lovely and genuine, yet, none as much as the studio’s owner Jennifer Yarro. As my attempts at ‘wooing’ her seemed to be working, I realized I was receiving a deeper life-schooling and education whilst in her potent midst. In the meantime, I have completed a 200hr. Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training from Frog Lotus Yoga and went through all of the foundational courses in the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage. To further my studies in physical therapies, I went to the famous ‘Wat Po’ Chetupon School of Traditional Medicine, and to Noam Tyroler who is an adamant teacher and practitioner of Thai Acupressure.

What I enjoy doing is sharing what I know, and what I do not know. In my view, yoga is a life-long education. Yoga can be a serious practice, and thus I like to balance my classes with insightful, merrymaking playlists so that people can learn more about their bodies and healthy-living while they have a fun and safe sweat. My classes generally focus on breathwork, intelligent sequencing, safety in alignment, and accurate self-assessment.

I am continually inspired by this world’s heroes and their stories, as well as meditation, traditional yogic-āsana, traditional medicine, good cooking, and the power of pure love among many things. Within myself, I strive to continually deepen my understanding, technique, all that leads to true benefit, and esoteric practice with a focus on BuddhaDharma. I feel honored with this opportunity to share, and am willingly-delighted to be of service to those who find themselves deepening their own personal practice both inside and out of the studio.

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